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George Curtis


Have you ever had a task to do but just could not seem to get it started, much less completed? Why? Why do we procrastinate? NO matter how important, enjoyable…

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If your health is important to you… take action! The first thing to do is decide what “action” looks like. It looks a little different for everyone. What combination of…

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The road to wellness is paved with good intentions. But, confusingly, the road to ill-health and disease is also paved with those same good intentions. What? Yes, good intentions are…

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This blog is committed to helping you make sense of the often conflicting, sometimes confusing and constantly changing world of: wellness, exercise, nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices. You need knowledge…

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Pollo Verde | Tomatillo Chicken Chili

Pollo: Chicken. Verde: Green. See, you already know what we’re making tonight. This dish brings together the common and the special into something that pairs great with tortillas, beans and…

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Chicken Piccata

Full disclosure: this recipe has been adapted from Giada De Laurentiis at the Food Network. Shout out to Giada. We love clicking around the web each week as we are planning our menu…

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