Our Program

Zoetic’s holistic wellness program focuses on Fitness, Nutrition and Life Balance in four sequential stages. Within each area, you’ll be introduced to new concepts, integrate them into your life, and become empowered with the knowledge and ability to continue being well.


Zoetic’s comprehensive analysis provides a baseline to launch from. We establish goals in all three areas of the program and, with your input, decide how best to approach them.


This is the beginning of your transformation. Each facet of the Zoetic program will take hold as your hard work brings on the transition into a well balanced, fit and nutritious life.


We work to integrate your new wellness strategies into your lifestyle, building habits that will stay with you permanently and fundamentally alter your approach to fitness, nutrition and balance for the future.


With a established set of habits and a thorough understanding of exercise technique, nutrition strategies & approaches to lifestyle management, you’ll have everything you need to be well.