If your health is important to you… take action!

The first thing to do is decide what “action” looks like. It looks a little different for everyone. What combination of activities and practices are right for you will depend on your:

  1. preferences
  2. intentions
  3. circumstances

Your preferences What do you enjoy? Developing activities and practices that are enjoyable, fun and healthy is the key to success. If you are having fun and enjoying yourself while improving your health you will be successful long term.

Your intentions What do you want to accomplish? Do you want to focus on strength, endurance, weight loss, stress reduction, healthy aging, activities of daily living or all of the above? (Intentions are different than goals because goals exist only in the future. Intentions are here and now.)

Your circumstances What affects the possibilities for healthy behavior in your life? Things like: work schedules, care giving responsibilities, current physical condition and travel all influence when, where and how you practice wellness.

Once you have a general idea of:

  1. what you enjoy
  2. what you intend
  3. what is possible

Break up your wellness plan into manageable pieces. Those pieces can be considered the pillars of your wellness.

There are 3 main “pillars” they are: exercise, healthy nutrition and lifestyle.

Exercise The options are countless, just a few examples: walking, yoga, weight lifting, bike riding, pickle ball, square dancing, fencing, Tai Chi, playing with the dog… Think about what you truly enjoying doing. If you enjoy it, you will be consistent and have fun with it!

Healthy nutrition There are a dizzying array of healthy eating options. Once you minimize processed and prepared foods you can be healthy with almost any of them. Decide what healthy foods you really look forward to and start experimenting.

Lifestyle What decisions are you making that help or hinder your progress? Is tech, T.V. or social media stealing your sleep? How do you manage stress? Does some kind of mindfulness practice sound intriguing?

To narrow down what might work best for you, think in broad terms. What is the entire universe of activities, practices and choices that might be right for you? What has or hasn’t worked for you in the past?

Make a list… actually write it down. You will immediately know which options won’t work because they don’t align with your preferences, intentions or circumstances. And, you will be drawn immediately to others, because they do.

Once you have narrowed down the list, start trying them out. Once you start trying them out, you have… taken action!


George Curtis

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