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This blog is committed to helping you make sense of the often conflicting, sometimes confusing and constantly changing world of: wellness, exercise, nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices.

You need knowledge to prosper in your WELLNESS.  I can help provide that. 

My name is George Curtis and I am a Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coach and nationally certified exercise instructor.  I have received the best training available and know how to gather, review and discuss the world of WELLNESS, EXERCISE, NUTRITION and a healthy LIFESTYLE and how it connects to you.  I have helped numerous clients in my Denver Colorado wellness coaching center; now it’s your turn.

You will get tips, tricks and hacks in quick understandable language that you can benefit from right now!  Learn how to be healthier, more fit, and a happier version of yourself.

  • Exercise – Get strong on YOUR terms
  • Nutrition – How to enjoy foods you love to fuel your life
  • Lifestyle – Ways to beat your stress, get the rest you need and everything in between

WELLNESS is complicated, let me put the big picture together so you can prosper now.

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