In order to live the healthiest and most vital life possible you need the best information available.

This information must pertain to you, and your specific circumstance. It must be clear and unambiguous. It cannot contradict or confuse what you already know to be true. It cannot pose risk or encourage wasted effort. It has to be accessible and easily put into action. It must be reliable and come from reliable sources. And, It must never, ever change or fall out of fashion.

This type of information DOES NOT EXIST!

How many times have we learned that the “healthy guidelines” have changed? The examples are countless:

  • Don’t eat eggs!
  • Eat eggs!
  • Meat is bad for you!
  • Meat is the best thing ever!
  • Do cardio NOT lift weights!
  • Lift weights NOT cardio!
  • No pain no gain!
  • Don’t snack!
  • Eat 6 times a day!

We get contradictory information all the time! It comes from the best minds in science and from the most prestigious research universities. It comes from celebrity influencers and professional athletes. It comes from your neighbor, your dad, sister or niece. Or, worst of all, it comes from your trainer! j/k

Some of this information is literally dangerous, i.e remove entire macro nutrient categories from your diet. Some of this information is simply wrong, i.e. calories don’t matter. Some of this information is partially correct, i.e you can benefit greatly from really short workouts. Some of this information is absolutely right… but not for you specifically. And some of this information is absolutely right and appropriate for you, now.


It’s no wonder a lot of us throw up our hands in frustration. How are we supposed to know what is right, wrong, not for us or simply a disguised marketing scheme?

In short, we can’t. We don’t have the time, training or knowledge to dig deeply into the science. We don’t have the personal experience to discern the best advice from the dangerous. We don’t know what economic motivations are driving the information.

What we know for sure is that the healthier we can be, the better our lives will be. This is bedrock. You can count on it. Healthier you = better you.

So, it is good news that it is possible to make sense of all that information! You have the ability to learn what is important and accurate so that you can make progress on your wellness quest! The process of learning what advise you should pay attention to requires 2 main things

  1. a basic understanding of how the body works
  2. self knowledge

The first item, basic understanding, comes from being curious: How does the body build muscle? What affects blood sugar? What is circadian rhythm? The more you learn about what supports human health generally, the more you can accurately and critically interpret the information coming in.

The second item, self knowledge, comes from a number of different sources. But, most importantly, your own subjective experience. Other sources can be: your family history, medical tests and objective feedback from others. Great advise for you may be disastrous to someone else.

When equipped with a basic understanding of how the body works and your individual differences, you can start to discern the good and useful information from the bad and potentially harmful information.

This blog can help bring clarity too. Here, we will present different perspectives and offer potential theories. We will question accepted wisdom and push back on old, debunked thinking.

What decisions are you making about diet, exercise and rest that would benefit from an informed perspective? What is a actionable theory that can help you move forward? What is the most confusing contradiction or questionable health claim that is affecting you right now?

Gather some basic information and personal experience and see what you come up with. Zoetic Coaching will be here if you have any questions.

Thanks for reading!


George Curtis

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