Pillar Overview: Exercise

Exercising your body will make you happier, healthier, and more resilient; it’s guaranteed!

The investment in time, effort, and money will pay off tremendously. Once you have decided to start a new exercise program (or restart one) you may be faced with a seemingly endless array of decisions to make.  Without a thoroughly developed plan, you run the risk of having nothing to show for your efforts, or worse, getting hurt in the process.

At Zoetic Coaching, we take great care to ensure our clients get the most out their exercise investment, and have fun doing it (yes, fun is definitely part of it).

Here are five crucial considerations to make before you start:

  1. Goals: What do you want to achieve? There are many good reasons to exercise: losing weight, getting stronger, promoting mental clarity, looking younger, being a better athlete, maintaining lifestyle, and much more. The more specific you are about why you are exercising, the more likely you will be successful.
  2. Preferences: What do you enjoy? What will get you looking forward to your workout?  Are you a morning person, a night person, or a nooner? Most people are going to be more active and stronger during a specific ‘window’ of time.  Maybe you already know what time that is. If not, over the next few days try to sense when that might be for you. After that, consider where you’ll be exercising. Where do you think you’ll be most motivated and comfortable? Would you prefer your bedroom, a big box gym, the gym at your office, or being outside?Furthermore,o you want to be on your own, or part of a group? Both have advantages and disadvantages. Do you have any other preferences you can think of?
  3. Programming: How are you going to determine the types of exercises to perform?  Are you going to use only body weight or do you need equipment? If so, what type of equipment? Are you going to do cardiovascular and resistance exercises on the same day? Are you going to target specific muscles and movements, or do total body workouts?
  4. Technique: Do you know how to safely and effectively execute the exercises? When do you exhale? How do you engage your core? What is a ‘flat back’? How far apart should my feet be? The list of considerations goes on and on, but you need to know proper technique, or you will not see progress, and run the risk of getting injured.
  5. Frequency and Intensity: How often are you planning on exercising? If you exercise too much, you will burn out and end up overtraining, which can cause excessive fatigue and muscle loss. If you exercise too infrequently, you will not be able to make progress towards your goals. Realistically, how much time can you afford?

There are a lot of aspects to consider when it comes to getting an exercise program started.  You can find the answers by sampling a lot of different strategies and consulting with experts.

Stay tuned to this blog for more tips on how to make the most of your time, stay safe, and get the results you are looking for. Or, contact us today to schedule your free fitness consultation!


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