The Style of Life – Be Intentional

What is your style of life?

The very word “lifestyle” suggests that you are making an intentional decision to live your life according to your own style.  

Without intention we all fall back into reaction.  If we are reacting to a situation or condition (like hunger or fatigue) we are then, by definition, not able to prepare for it.   For example if you find yourself hungry at work without food you will likely have to eat whatever is available.  Are you options healthy, easy or cost effective?  Maybe but probably not all three.  The same can be said about a number of situations:  not getting enough sleep, sitting for hours on end, not getting any exercise.

Success in your wellness and fitness then comes down to intention and preparation (not willpower).

A few examples:

If you feel: invigorated it is likely (in part) because you are well rested. Proper rest is the result of intentional preparation.  

If you feel: strong and healthy it is likely (in part) because you exercise.  Exercise is a result of intentional preparation.

If you feel: at ease it is likely (in part) because you have minimized your stress level.  Stress management is a result of intentional preparation.

If you feel: happy it is likely (in part) because you are doing what you love.  Doing what you love is a result of intentional preparation.

But hey, life moves fast, who has time to plan everything.  And even when things are perfectly planned they can go wrong with head snapping speed.   Sometimes it feels like we are on the end of a high pressure fire hose getting swung around the room like a rag doll.  

So what do you do?  Chip away… make intention and preparation a part of your lifestyle (even if it’s hard at first and it will be and it will be worth it)

Here’s a little homework:  Pick out a day, or just part of one day, next week and write down all of the things you know will happen  Maybe they include: waking up, going to work, eating lunch, getting some exercise, cooking dinner, watching TV…  Then write down how you can best use intention to improve your life experience and outcomes:

For example:

Waking up —> planning on a specific bedtime the night before so you enough rest

Going to work —> organize (write them down) your tasks from most to least important

Eating lunch —> prepare a healthy lunch so you don’t have to eat out of the vending machine

Exercise —> no time for the gym?  Plan on taking the stairs or riding your bike to work

Dinner —> discover the healthy foods you love and have them ready

TV —>  prioritize what you want to watch (if you are channel surfing turn it off!)

Take a look at the actions you will be taking:  planning, organizing, preparing, discovering, prioritizing.  By doing these things, not only will you become more efficient with your time you will be able to maximize your happiness and health because you are more prepared for what life throws at you.   

It takes a shift in mindset to move from a reactive state to an intentional state.  This shift takes time and requires patience.  However, you will be well rewarded if you do.

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